Landscaping Company in OKC talks about the winter we didn’t have.

Welcome guys to another article on our weather and the climate changes are seeing. We hope to have a great year and it not be too hot of a summer in OKC. I may be wishful thinking but, hey, I can dream can’t I? The great news is that it’s been a pretty mild spring and we didn’t see any tornadoes in OKC area. What Does this mean that we will see for the remainder of the year in weather? Well, we have a system amongst us that is very unstable that is an ongoing threat to all parts of the U.S east of the Rockies.

We have seen quite a bit of damage to the cities from the Midwest, northern states, and the South. It’s pretty crazy one week it is 96 degrees and then 80 the next. The weather is so unstable right now that there is now way to actually predict it and know what precautions to take next. So I have a friend at GM Landscaping in OKC that says he has actually started building  Storm Shelters for his clients due to the fact that there were many storms this year that were kind of iffy and a close call.

Gerry says, ” Most people aren’t even flinching at the cost of what a full concrete, rebar reinforced safe room will cost. They just want to know that they are safe and secure if a tornado were to arise. They all have that fear of being caught in a twister and not being prepared. ”

Well we know one thing for sure is that the weather is always changing and always will change on this planet. Just keep your eyes peeled and stay alerted when severe weather is in your area.



The fall season in the midwest and La Nina.


Fall is here and that means football season is too. We also have to talk about the fall weather pattern that is going to get hairy. The la Nina weather pattern is a strong one. There will be marginal hail and thunderstorms with these storms as they build and fall over the next couple months. The weather pattern just came out of an El Nino weather pattern that brought us a hot hot summer and active spring. The La Nina weather system is predicted to have more of an effect on the north east as far as ice and snow. In the plains, we should see quite a bit of severe thunderstorms and possible tornados with intense hail. This will all lead into a wild spring here in the plains, this coming 2017 year. We all must keep an eye out for this weather pattern and not get caught off guard.

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Severe weather in OKC in October

Severe weather Oklahoma

We have been busy this summer with all the severe weather and summer sweltering heat. This fall storm season is just starting in Oklahoma however. We are on the la Nina upward spring and will be seeing some severe weather in the metro soon. The weather pattern is quite odd, to say the least. We are going to experience a more wet and mild winter after our mild fall. The spring storms will be heavy and quite severe and we will be keeping a close eye on it to help keep everyone safe in inclement weather.

Stay tuned and we will be posting more on this subject soon.


Hurricane Matthew update

Guys, we are seeing this Hurrican develop into something worse than thought before. It is not a CAT4-5 hurricane and moving slow. The width of this storm is 500 miles wide and really going to punch a few islands. It will hit Florida by Wednesday and we are not sure yet if it will make landfall on the U.S. There is a good chance that 55000 Haitians could be at danger as this storm progress’ on. Here are some graphics showing the wind speeds and the direction of travel it is taking.




This is a huge storm we are seeing and can tell it will leave quite a bit of rain and other problems behind in its wake.

Watch this footage from our friends at Force 13 Live and see for yourself the storm coming in from it’s Caribbean voyage.

Please feel free to contact us here with any storm damage pics or video and please leave a comment below.

Severe weather of the Midwest – William Cole TV


When weather starts to act out of sorts we need to be warned. There are lives at risk, men and women know this that are the professionals know an as meteorologist.
William Cole is one of those good people trying to predict the weather and keep you and your family safe.
He hails from OKC and has his site and app William Cole TV. It’s a cutting edge weather watching app and live weather updates on your mobile devices. He has a background in weather as a weatherman man with flare.
He loves what he does and it shows. He will Do whatever it takes to keep you updated and ahead of the storm. Williams explains, “ we have been in the weather business for years now. We love what we do.” “There’s a lot of people that can’t be by a tv during the day and it is not safe during the severe weather seasons we have in Oklahoma.” Cole explains, “ We worked with a developer and created a solution for the people of Oklahoma to have a choice of having their weather updates with them in their pockets.” “ our app is great for those on the go.”
William explained all the benefits of the app and it was quite impressive. He said if it wasn’t for our sponsor we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. They really pulled together and made it happen. He explains one that has helped to really get all together was his friend James at Hail Restore. William explains. “James and his assistant got our attention by asking about fixing one of our vehicles at the office. They can by and said let’s trade out for an ad on your site. It’s been a great relationship and still is today 3 years later. James from Hail Restore explains. “The app is so cutting edge” “we use it to track when the hail storms start popping up and wreaking havoc across the state.” James state’s that it gives them the opportunity to be able to assist people after the storm and help with the insurance claim process.
All in all it’s a great app to help people to be weather aware and stay safe. Severe weather can create a lot of problems if you don’t know it’s coming and sometimes it comes right out of nowhere. William and his staff of trained professionals are true heroes when it comes to helping people stay safe during the notorious weather The Midwest receives each year.

Go to the App Store and grab the app for free.

William wanted to make sure you check out his sponsor’s site

Well, guys we are gearing up for a busy fall weather season and look forward to adding more value as we progress. Stay tuned for more posts soon.


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