Hurricane Matthew update

Guys, we are seeing this Hurrican develop into something worse than thought before. It is not a CAT4-5 hurricane and moving slow. The width of this storm is 500 miles wide and really going to punch a few islands. It will hit Florida by Wednesday and we are not sure yet if it will make landfall on the U.S. There is a good chance that 55000 Haitians could be at danger as this storm progress’ on. Here are some graphics showing the wind speeds and the direction of travel it is taking.




This is a huge storm we are seeing and can tell it will leave quite a bit of rain and other problems behind in its wake.

Watch this footage from our friends at Force 13 Live and see for yourself the storm coming in from it’s Caribbean voyage.

Please feel free to contact us here with any storm damage pics or video and please leave a comment below.