Landscaping Company in OKC talks about the winter we didn’t have.

Welcome guys to another article on our weather and the climate changes are seeing. We hope to have a great year and it not be too hot of a summer in OKC. I may be wishful thinking but, hey, I can dream can’t I? The great news is that it’s been a pretty mild spring and we didn’t see any tornadoes in OKC area. What Does this mean that we will see for the remainder of the year in weather? Well, we have a system amongst us that is very unstable that is an ongoing threat to all parts of the U.S east of the Rockies.

We have seen quite a bit of damage to the cities from the Midwest, northern states, and the South. It’s pretty crazy one week it is 96 degrees and then 80 the next. The weather is so unstable right now that there is now way to actually predict it and know what precautions to take next. So I have a friend at GM Landscaping in OKC that says he has actually started building  Storm Shelters for his clients due to the fact that there were many storms this year that were kind of iffy and a close call.

Gerry says, ” Most people aren’t even flinching at the cost of what a full concrete, rebar reinforced safe room will cost. They just want to know that they are safe and secure if a tornado were to arise. They all have that fear of being caught in a twister and not being prepared. ”

Well we know one thing for sure is that the weather is always changing and always will change on this planet. Just keep your eyes peeled and stay alerted when severe weather is in your area.